Super Shaker Bed Shaker for Geemarc


Super Shaker Bed Shaker for Geemarc

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Never miss a telephone call again! The Super Shaker from Sonic Alert alerts you of a telephone call while you are sleeping. Simply place bed vibrator under your mattress or pillow and plug it into any of the following items:

Geemarc telephone models: Ampli200+, Ampli455, Ampli500, Ampli600, AmpliPOWER60 and the AmpliCALL10 Telephone ringer & Flasher.

- Lightweight and portable
- Extra strong vibrations
- Built-in temperature sensor prevents the bed shaker against overheating
- Vibrator operates at low voltage for safety
- 3.5mm plug
- Length approximately 6 feet 3 inches

Product Code: SA-SS12V