Adult Services

At HEAR Wisconsin you will find knowledgeable, caring professionals and a wide range of programs to meet your individual needs and goals.

Community Access for the Deaf
Community Access for the Deaf addresses the special needs of adults with developmental disabilities who also have hearing loss and helps these individuals improve their independent living skills, communication skills, and social skills through small group activities and field trips within the community.

Contact Community Access for the Deaf
Ruth Stuhr  


Aural Rehabilitation

Aural Rehabilitation Services are provided by a Speech-Language Pathologist, with treatment plans tailored to your individual needs and communication goals. Aural rehabilitation helps individuals adjust to life with hearing loss and can include a variety of therapies and services to help you live better with hearing loss. For more information about Aural Rehabilitation Services, contact us at or call 414-604-2200.

Worksite Assessments
If you are an employer with a d/Deaf or hard of hearing employee and would like to learn more about how you can create a more accessible work environment and communicate more effectively, contact the HEAR Wisconsin Store to schedule a worksite assessment.