H251N Supraplus Monaural Headset with UA-50 Amplifier


H251N Supraplus Monaural Headset with UA-50 Amplifier

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Use this amplifier and headset for clear calls on your office phone. Includes the H251N SupraPlus Noise-Canceling Headset and RJ9 adapter.

One year limited warranty

- Amplifies incoming voices up to 45dB on your handset or headset
- Can be used with any headset with an RJ9 plug
- Patented technology enables the amplifier to work with virtually all business telephones
- Digital Sound Processing technology eliminates virtually all distortion, echo effects and unwanted static
- Digital Tone Enhancement allows you to boost and enrich the speech frequencies you can't hear well
- Automatic Gain Control optimizes the sound level for superior listening comfort
- Automatic Volume Control
- AC adapter included (9V battery optional)

Product Code: HC-UA50KIT2