Geemarc Ampli550


Geemarc Ampli550

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The Geemarc AMPLI550 is a phone that amplifies up to 52 decibels (dB). Simply program all of your important numbers into the phone for one-touch dialing and you're able to make calls in a snap! The talking Caller ID with large LCD display can store up to 99 incoming names and numbers with a date and time stamp for each call.

WI TEPP approved: HOH, SHOH, D

One year warranty

- Up to 52dB amplification
- Amplify On/Off switch
- Volume control
- Tone control
- Extra loud ringer up to 95dB
- Visual strobe ringer indicator
- Backlit LCD display (rechargeable batteries included)
- Large backlit talking keypad
- 6 one-touch direct dials, 2 emergency buttons, 1 customer service
- Talking Caller ID
- Redial, Flash, Mute buttons
- 2.5mm and 3.5mm jack for headset, neckloop, silhouette, patchcord
- 3.5mm jack for optional bed shaker (not included)
- Line and AC power (included)
- Wall mountable
- Hearing aid compatible

Additional Accessories: Super Shaker Bed Shaker

Product Code: HC-AMPLI550