Future Call FC-1007SP


Future Call FC-1007SP

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With amplification up to 40dB, the FC-1007SP allows you to know exactly who you're calling with it's 10 large picture button keys. This phone also has a loud ringer, speakerphone, redial key, and an emergency button for a quick connection to whichever number is stored on this button. 

WI TEPP approved: HOH, SHOH, D

One year warranty

- Up to 40dB amplification
- Loud ringer with visual ring indicator10 memory picture button keys (switch for one-touch or two-touch dialing)
 - Emergency button
- Speakerphone with 4 volume settings
- Stored numbers retain their memory even when unplugged from the telephone line
- Store key prevents memory button numbers from being accidentally changed or erased
- Redial key
- Flash key for call waiting
- Line powered
- Desk/wall mount
- Hearing aid compatible

Product Code:  FC-1007SP