Future Call 1507


Future Call 1507

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The FC1507 amplifies up to 40dB, perfect for someone with moderate to severe hearing loss. The large buttons make dialing phone numbers a breeze! The ability to program phone numbers

WI TEPP approved: HOH, SHOH, D

One year warranty

- Big buttons for easy dialing
- Volume control on handset
- 40dB amplification
- 10 two-touch memory buttons for speed dialing are backed up even if the telephone is unplugged
- 2 one-touch speed dial buttons are backed up even if the telephone is unplugged
- Red 911 emergency key
- Bright LED visual ringer for incoming calls
- "Store" key on the back of the phone prevents the numbers in the memory dial buttons from being accidentally changed or erased
- Flash key for call waiting
- Redial/Pause key
- Mute key
- Ringer hi/low switch
- Desk or wall mount

Product Code: FC-1507