Clarity D703 Amplified Cordless Telephone


Clarity D703 Amplified Cordless Telephone

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The Clarity D703 amplifies up to 35dB and is great for someone with a mild to moderate hearing loss. It has a large, backlit keypad, high contrast numbers and a high contrast Caller ID. The small base makes it easy to add to any size table or counter without taking up much space. A user is able to add expansion handsets which give the user access to a phone in any room. Add up to 5 expansion handsets per D703 base system.

WI TEPP approved: HOH, SHOH, D

One year limited warranty

- Amplifies incoming sounds up to 35dB
- 4 Customizeable tone settings
- Minimizes background noises
- Eliminates feedback and distortion
- Easy to see numbers
- Contoured number keys with soft-touch material
- Backlit keypad
- Large font and high contrast caller ID screen
- Speakerphone in handset
- 10 speed dial memory buttons
- 100 name/number phonebook
- 10 ringer options with 6 levels of volume
- Expandable up to 5 handsets

Additional handsets available: CL-D703HS

Product code: CL-D703