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Clarity Alto+

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The Clarity® AltoPlus™ amplifies up to 53dB of amplification, has Caller ID and talking keypad. The large numbers and easy volume control make it easier for someone with low vision.

Customer service is at your fingertips with just the press of a button. Clarity Logic customer care assists are able to fix settings and walk anyone though set-up.

WI TEPP approved: HOH, SHOH, D

One year limited warranty.

- 15db Outgoing Speech Amplification (OSA) makes your voice louder for the other caller
- ClarityLogic™ for customer care and remote diagnostics
- TIA-4953 certified for mild, moderate and severe hearing loss
- Up to 53dB amplification
- Boost override: when on, enables amplification for all users
- Ergonomically designed tone and volume control for all users, including people with arthritis
- Loud 100dB ringer with visual indicator
- Speakerphone
- Outgoing speech amplification of 15dB4" backlit screen with large font
- Caller ID
- Talking keypad with Clarity Voice Assist
- 3 one-touch memory buttons
- 2.5mm headset jack + 3.5mm neckloop jack
- TIA1083 hearing aid compatible

Product Code: CL-ALTO+