Williams Sound Personal PA TGS PRO 738


Williams Sound Personal PA TGS PRO 738

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The TGS Pro 738 tour guide system is great for small groups! Multiple selectable frequencies allow multiple tour groups to operate in the same vicinity, simultaneously, with no crosstalk or interference. There's no installation required, saving you time and money and meeting ADA accessibility requirements.

Ninety day warranty on accessories.

- Portable and wireless
- Use anywhere tours are conducted: cruise ships, college campus tours, plants, factories, sightseeing
- Accommodates any number of users
- Meets ADA requirements for hearing assistance

- 1 Transmitter with AA batteries
- 10 R38 receivers with AA batteries
- 1 rear-wear headset microphone
- 1 Carrying Case
- Headphones/earphones not included

Product Code: WS-TGSPRO738