Williams Sound Personal PA TGS PRO 737


Williams Sound Personal PA TGS PRO 737

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This Personal PA Tour Guide System enables tour groups to hear the tour guide and control their own listening volume, even in noisy environments. Allows full freedom of movement for the tour group, with a range up to 150 feet. Meets ADA accessibility requirements.

Lifetime warranty PLUS limited warranty on transmitters and receivers. Ninety day warranty on accessories.

- Portable and wireless
- Use anywhere tours are conducted: cruise ships, college campus tours, plants, factories, sightseeing
- Accommodates any number of users
- Range of 150 feet
- Meets ADA requirements for hearing assistance

- 1 T46 Transmitter
- 10 PPA Select™ R37 Receivers
- 1 MIC 100 Rear-Wear Headset Microphone
- 11 BAT 00102 (2 AA Batteries)
- 1 CCS 030 S Carrying Case
- Headphones/earphones not included

Product Code: WS-TGSPRO737