Williams Sound Personal PA


Williams Sound Personal PA

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The Personal PA® Value Pack System broadcasts a speaker's voice, music program, or audio service wirelessly up to 1,000 feet to a listening audience. Participants using the new PPA Select™ single-channel receiver (included) with a headset can listen to the broadcast at the volume of their comfort level. The cornerstone of the PPA Value Pack System is the T27 transmitter, featuring an LED display panel and push-button channel selection for easy operation. The Personal PA Value Pack System has 17 available channels, and operates on 72-76 MHz. Meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements. Ninety day warranty on accessories.


Operating range with standard ANT 021 "rubber duckie" antenna: 500 feetOperating range with optional ANT 005 coaxial antenna: 1000 feet65dB signal-to-noise ratio with PPA R37 receiver3.5mm microphone input jack on transmitter3.5mm stereo jack on receiver

- 1 PPA T27 transmitter
- 4 PPA Select™ R37 receivers with batteries (earphones sold separately)
- 1 ADA wall plaque
- 1 WCA 013 audio cable
- 1 ANT 021 antenna
- 1 TFP 036 power supply
- 4 EAR013 earphones (WS-PPAVP37 Only)
- 2 NKL 001 18" neckloops (WS-PPAVP37 Only)

Product Code:
WS-PPAVP37-00 - Transmitter and Receivers Only
WS-PPAVP37  - Headphones and Neckloops