Williams Sound Digi-WAVE Kit 2


Williams Sound Digi-WAVE Kit 2

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The Digi-WAVE Kit 2 system is great for tour groups, meetings, team teaching, and other situations where multiple people can speak simultaneously and participants can hear one another.

Two year warranty

- Portable DLT-100 transceivers for 1-way or 2-way operations
- Global, turn-key solution: 2.4GHz operation harmonized for use in most countries
- Patented frequency-hopping technology that minimizes interference from other devices
- 87-bit encryption minimizes chances of eavesdropping14 hours of continuous use
- Transceiver uses Lithium polymer battery with smart charge built-in (600 cycles)
- Range up to 100 feet indoors and 200 feet outdoors
- FCC, CE, Industrie Canada and C-Tick approved
- Unlimited number of DLR 50 receivers can be used (within range)
- Voting feature: ask yes/no questions to receive votes on the transceiver (ie: meetings, town hall forums, classrooms, etc.)
- Attendee checking feature: lets you check how many slave devices are connected to the system
- 2 transceivers
- 2 headset microphones
- 1 two-bay charger
- 2 silicone cases
- 1 system carry case

Product Code: WS-DWSPLS2