hear wisconsin provides comprehensive services and resources for anyone, with any degree of hearing loss. 


Kellogg Child and family program

HEAR Wisconsin provides early intervention services for infants and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities and their families. We work with many counties, schools, and other agencies in Wisconsin to provide appropriate early intervention services to the children who are deaf or hard of hearing.


hearing healthcare center

HEAR Wisconsin offers clients personalized care focused on ensuring better hearing and communication. Meet with our doctors of audiology and communication consultants to find the best device for your unique hearing needs. 


our store

Trouble hearing the TV? Can't hear your phone ring? Meet with our communication consultants to find the adaptive equipment you need. Online and in-store.


Commlink sign language interpreting

Licensed professionals providing quality sign language services.  Business meetings, medical appointments, legal proceedings and everyday events - 24/7.



hear wisconsin is a nonprofit that helps infants, children, and adults with hearing loss by eliminating communication and language barriers through personalized services, technology, and education.