Dry & Store Global II Hearing Aid Dehumidifier


Dry & Store Global II Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

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Dry & Store is a conditioning system for all types of hearing instruments. It removes moisture, dries earwax, kills germs and deodorizes your hearing devices to keep them in peak condition. Its patented process breaks up moisture droplets from the hearing aid and sends them to a moisture absorbing desiccant to eliminate destructive moisture that causes distortion, intermittency and volume fluctuations. A sanitizing element also kills germs that can cause itchy ears and recurring ear infections.

The Global II model features a sleek, modern design and is easy to operate. It can accommodate up to 2 ear-level cochler implant processors, 4 BTE hearing aids or one body-worn processor.

One Year Warranty.

Additional features: 
- Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled circuitry shuts off after 8 hours
- Highly-effective germicidal cycle to sanitize your hearing devices
- Quiet fan gently circulates warm, dry temperature-controlled air
- Includes one Dry-Brik desiccant, which lasts approximately 2 months

Product Code: ET-DS/GLOBALII