Vouchers Help with Costs for Assistive Technology

If communication is key to living in our fast-paced world, technology can be a lifeline.

  • An iPad gives a six-year-old girl unable to speak a way to interact with her family and classmates
  • An amplified phone allows a grandmother to hear and converse with her grandchildren
  • A PockeTalker enables an elderly woman to feel like part of her assisted living community
  • A 21-year-old man orders his own breakfast in a restaurant for the first time with his iPad

HEAR Wisconsin offers the Telecommunications Equipment Purchase Program (TEPP) which helps persons with a hearing, speech, mobility, or vision loss issue to obtain equipment (amplified phones or headsets, PockeTalkers, iPads, hands-free speaker phones, and more) at a greatly reduced price. 

The TEPP Program is sponsored by the Wisconsin Universal Service Fund, which was established by the Public Service Commission.


To qualify, participants must:

  • Be a Wisconsin resident
  • Be a person who is deaf, hard of hearing, speech, mobility or motion impaired
  • Be a person who requires special equipment to use a phone in home or when traveling

Voucher amounts vary and depend on disability. There is no age limit but once used, the TEPP voucher recipient must wait three years to reapply for the same disability.  

For more information and to find an application contact HEAR Wisconsin: