One Small Voice: Device Amplifies Family Connection

Children often have a lot to say. According to child development experts, a typical six-year-old has the capacity to learn about 20 new words each day. But what if they struggle to get the words out?

Six-year-old Brooke was born with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). This uncommon neurological disorder affects how messages move from brain to mouth. A child with CAS may not be able to move her lips or tongue to create syllables or sounds.

Brooke’s mom, Jenny, learned about HEAR Wisconsin’s assistive technology store and the TEPP Voucher Program.

The TEPP Program (Telecommunications Equipment Purchases Program) helps Wisconsin residents with disabilities. People who need assistive technology can apply for a voucher to help cover costs. The iPad falls under the communication device category because it “vocalizes the voice.” Now Brooke uses the iPad to tell her mom and dad exactly what she wants. This has resulted in less frustration and fewer meltdowns.

“When the device came in the mail, I cried,” Jenny said. “It’s been life-changing for our family.”