Raising two sets of twins under 4 is challenging enough. But one child also has severe hearing loss.

"The challenge with hearing loss is that hearing is how we learn language," said Christine Kometer, program director for language access services at HEAR Wisconsin, where the Finners received birth-to-3 services for Danny. "Language is our communication and our connection. You need a language in your head in order to learn other forms of communication, including reading and writing."

Holiday hustle and bustle already have You Feeling Fried? Take a Break at Blue’s

Simply order eggs from Blue’s “egg plate specials” menu during the entire month of December (Bluemound location only) and $1 from every order will be donated to help support programming for deaf or hard of hearing babies, children and adults at HEAR Wisconsin! Tell your friends! (Save your spot in line by using the NoWait or Yelp apps!)

Blue’s Egg
317 N. 76th St
Milwaukee, WI 53213

Open 7am to 2pm, Monday through Sunday


New Audiologist at HEAR Wisconsin Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk

As a child, he survived an infection of bacterial meningitis, a life-threatening illness which resulted in total hearing loss in one ear and high frequency loss in the other. Today, Dr. Nathan Berg helps others in his role as the new audiologist at HEAR Wisconsin, a 92-year-old nonprofit organization serving children and adults with hearing loss.