Serene Innovations HD-65


Serene Innovations HD-65

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The Serene Innovations HD-65 amplified corded telephone makes outgoing and incoming phones calls easier for everyone. It features talk-back keys to confirm the number you're dialing. Hi-Definition Sound Technology makes each word in your conversation clear and intelligible.

WI TEPP approved: HOH, SHOH, D

One year limited warranty

- Hi-Definition Sound (HDS) makes words clear and easy to understand
- 50dB of amplification
- Big number buttons
- Tone control
- Loud 95dB ringer with visual indicator
- Talking Caller ID and keypad
- 6 one-touch memory buttons for family and friends called most frequently
- 3.5mm neckloop jack
- Battery backup so you can make calls even in a power outage (4AA batteries not included)
- Hearing aid compatible

Product Code: HC-HD65