GeeMarc Ampli600 Amplified Emergency Phone

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CL-600_with_access (1).jpg

GeeMarc Ampli600 Amplified Emergency Phone

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The Geemarc Ampli600 phone features Caller ID, speakerphone, and emergency connect. Press the remote control button on one of the two waterproof wrist-watch style transmitters included and the Ampli600 automatically calls up to six pre-programmed emergency contacts. Your pre-recorded message alerts your contacts of the emergency. With this feature, you have emergency monitoring without the monthly fees from security companies. If you don't need the emergency feature, it can be used every day as a regular amplified phone. Ideal for those with a moderate-to-severe hearing loss who are looking for added peace of mind. 

One Year Warranty. WI TEPP Approved: HOH, SHOH, D.

- Pre-program up to 6 emergency contact numbers
- Includes two waterproof wrist-watch style (with neck lanyard) remote control transmitter
- Up to 66 foot transmitter range
- 10 second custom message recording time
- Remote audio monitoring 
- Adjustable incoming amplification up to 52dB
- Up to 12 dB outgoing speech amplification
- Adjustable tone control
- Adjustable ringer up to 95dB, with visual ring signal
- Speakerphone in base
- 6 memory buttons, 3 priority memory buttons and an emergency dial button
- Caller ID with 99 name and number storage
- Amplified 3.5mm and 2.5mm jacks for neckloop or headset
- Optional bed shaker (sold separately)
- Hearing aid t-coil compatible
- Transmitter requires one 12V battery (replaceable)

Product Code: HC-AMPLI600