Fanstel EZPro T56


Fanstel EZPro T56

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This line powered amplified telephone allows you to hold clear and easy to understand phone conversations. geared for someone who is severely hard of hearing, the Fanstel EZPro T56 amplifies up to 56dB and has individual tone control. Because this phone is line powered, there is no need for batteries or an AC adapter.

WI TEPP approved: HOH, SHOH, D

One year warranty

- Up to 56 dB amplification at 124dB SPL
- 12 volume/tone amplification levels
- Auto-select the best amplification level
- Concave earpiece for best clear sound
- Visual ringer
- Big, backlit numeric buttons
- Hearing aid compatible
- Line powered
- 3 desk mount angles for easy placement of handset
- Includes a 12 foot line cord and a 12 foot handset cord

Product Code:
HC-T56B - Black
HC-T56W - White