ClearSounds Professional Office Neckloop System


ClearSounds Professional Office Neckloop System

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For people with t-coil equipped hearing aids or cochlear processors, the Professional Office Neckloop System provides unparalleled sound management capabilities. For binaural device users, the ability to hear through both ears can assist with hearing clearly and reduce the amount of word discrimination.

The IL95 provides powerful amplification and tone control capabilities for use with existing handsets for people who do not have t-coil equipped hearing aids or cochlear processors.

The noise cancelling microphone in the CLA7v2 minimizes ambient noise and maximizes the ability of the other person to hear you as clearly as possible.

The ClearSounds Professional Office Neckloop System for hearing device users provides the ability to accommodate most hearing loss requirements and enhancing communication capabilities.

The system includes includes:
The ClearSounds IL95 In-Line Phone Amplifier:
up to 40dB amplification, full range frequency control, a simple but elegant Compatibility Selector that virtually guarantees compatibility with any modern phone
The ClearSounds CLA7v2 Amplified Neckloop: clear binaural or monaural amplification for t-coil equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants and connectivity cable options to most hands-free or audio devices
The ClearSounds IL95 Connectivity Cable: provides modular connectivity between the IL95 Base and CLA7v2 Neckloop
The handset line splitter: allows use of either the existing handset or the CLA7v2 Neckloop with IL95 Base

Product Code: HC-PONS