TruTone Electrolarynx


TruTone Electrolarynx

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The TruTone is a hand-held electrolarynx that produces an excellent voice for people with vocal speech difficulties. The unit is made operates on standard 9 volt batteries. Using its pressure sensitive button, you can add intonation to your voice to created a more natural speech. The TruTone weighs less than 5 oz with the battery and is made of durable impact-resistant materials.

WI TEPP approved: S

Sixty day warranty for rechargeable batteries, charger and other accessories provided. Five year limited manufacturer's warranty. The first 2 years of this warranty also includes Drop & Soak(sm) coverage. Drop & Soak(sm) coverage includes accidental damage within the USA, and includes total replacement up to twice at the manufacturer's discretion. 5-year limited warranty applies only to manufacturers defects and "normal wear" as determined by the manufacturer, and only if the warranty return card is fully filled out and mailed within 30 days of purchase. Loss is not covered, and disassembly voids all warranties.

Package includes
- TruTone electrolarynx
- Pitch adjusting screwdriver
- Battery charger
- Two 9V style rechargeable batteries
- Oral adapter and oral straws

Product Code: GR-LARYNX