Servox Digital Electronic Speech Device


Servox Digital Electronic Speech Device

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The Servox® digital speech aid can be used by those who have lost their voices due to injury, illness or surgical removal of the larynx, the opportunity to make themselves quickly understood again.

The Servox is the only speech aid which offers the possibility of programming both buttons with different volume and frequency settings. This makes it possible to pre-set the device for use in certain situations.

WI TEPP approved: S

Two year warranty on speech device and charger unit (6 month warranty on battery).

- Volume control
- Adjustable pitch (internal adjustment)
- Sleep mode

- Servox digital speech aid
- Weight: .24 lb (without battery)
- Carrying cord set with replacement cord protector
- NiMH battery
- Hip bag holster
- LA 2.40 charger (110V or 230V) with cable
- Instruction manual

Product Code: SI-SERVOX