Amplified WS-2749 XL Series Handset by Clarity


Amplified WS-2749 XL Series Handset by Clarity

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The WS-2749 amplified transmitter handset has an outgoing speech level that can be increased up to 26dB. The handset improves a variety of transmission problems, such as poor connections, talking to a person with hearing loss or for speech-impaired users. The rotary thumb wheel volume control is conveniently located for fingertip control.

NOTE: using this handset with a compatible amplified telephone model will not increase the total amplification - actual amplification achieved will be less than the individual amplification levels of two separate amplified products

One year limited warranty

- 26dB outgoing speech amplification
- Volume control wheel on top of handset
- Improves a variety of transmission problems
- Compatible with all XL series Clarity® phones: XL30™ Amplified Phone by Clarity®, Clarity Professional® Ameriphone® XL40™, Amplified Phone, Clarity® Professional XL45™ Digital Loud Caller ID Big Button Speakerphone and Clarity® Professional XL40D™ Digital Loud Big Button Speakerphone

Product Code: CS-WS-2749