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Williams Sound TV Talker

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The Williams Sound wireless TVTalker™ Flex WFM 270 provides exceptional stereo sound at the volume of your comfort. Adjust the volume for your individual hearing while allowing others watching T.V. with you to enjoy the volume at their own level.

Use your T-Coil hearing aids to get the sound directly to your ears eliminating the background or inability to understand the dialogue. If you don't have hearing aids, or hearing aids with a T-Coil, the WFM270 with Headphones would be an option for you!

While Supplies Lasts

Two year warranty

- Comfortable neckloop receiver for t-coil hearing aids or headphones
- 120dBA SPL amplification
- Range up to 100 feetRF technology transmits audio through walls and ceilings
- Connects directly to TV, DVD player or other audio device (works with plasma TVs)
- Easy on/off with microswitch built into receiver
- Three selectable channels
- Transmitter shuts off FM after 5 minutes
- 2 RCA jacks for mono or stereo line-level sources
- RoHS, WEEE approvals

- Base transmitter
- Neckloop receiver
- Power supply
- TV microphone
- 1m audio cable with dual RCA plugs
- 2 rechargeable batteries

Product Code:
WS-WFM240 - Neckloop Only
WS-WFM270/H - Headphones and Neckloop