Univox Loop


Univox Loop

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With the Univox, you can hear the TV, telephone (with optional telephone adapter), or room conversation (with optional microphone) clearly in both ears via the tele-coil of your hearing aids!


- Compact & powerful induction loop amplifier for use with: TV/digibox/satellite/VHS/DVD/stereo/MP3/microphone etc.
- Univox Dual Action AGC for smooth quality sound
- Volume thumb wheel, bass and treble controls
- Rugged metal case with effective cooling for long lasting use
- Three inputs: Dedicated sensitive mic input (12V phantom power/signal level potentiometer) a mic/line input and a line input
- Easy connection to loop pad, sofa or room loop
- Separate headphones output
- LED indicators for power connection, signal source level and loop current
- Additional line input
- Volume regulation on mic inputLED light indicating when there is input
- Bass and treble adjustment knobs
- "Thumb wheel" volume controlDoes not include loop pad or wire

Product Code: HC-UNIVOX2A