Sennheiser Set 900 Infrared Personal & TV Amplifier System


Sennheiser Set 900 Infrared Personal & TV Amplifier System

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Keep up with conversation, take in the latest film or play, or watch TV with superb audio performance at the sound level that is most comfortable for you. The Set900 is equipped with two external microphones, which gently amplify the desired sound source while improving your awareness of other sounds, such as the phone or doorbell. You can also bring the Set 900 to any theater or concert hall equipped with an infrared system. 
SALE ENDS 9/30/2014.

Two Year Warranty

- Switchable channels 2.5 and 2.8 stereo, 2.3 mono, 2.8 mono, 95 KHz mono 
- Easily connects to TV's (NOT compatible with plasma TV's)
- Range of up to 40 feet within a room
- Compression switch neutralizes differences between quiet and loud sounds while enhancing speech intelligibility
- AAdjustable volume, balance and treble settings
- Balance control for right and left ear tips
- Ergonomically designed with easy-to-read LEDs
- Receiver switches on and off automatically
- Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 12 hours

Product Code: HC-SET900