Sennheiser Set 830 S Infrared Stereo TV Amplifier System


Sennheiser Set 830 S Infrared Stereo TV Amplifier System

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The Set 830S infrared stereo TV Amplifying System enables you to get clear sound from your television from anywhere in the room without the need for cables. The transmitter has three selectable hearing settings that optimize speech intelligibility due to switchable compression and treble emphasis. Connects directly to TV, hi-fi system or radio. Sound is transmitted from the receiver directly to a telecoil-equipped hearing device by a wireless induction loop. Receiver can also be used with optional headset (not included).  SALE ENDS 9/30/2014.

Two Year Warranty

- 2.3 MHZ, 2.8MHz
- 125dB maximum SPL
- First class customized stereo sound
- Up to 129ft range within room
- Balance control for setting left/right volume
- 3.5mm stereo jack 
- Rechargeable lithium ion polymer battery
- Charging compartment for spare battery (not included)

Product Code: HC-SET830S