Maxi Personal Amplifier Hospital Kit


Maxi Personal Amplifier Hospital Kit

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Occasionally hearing the nurse or doctor in the hospital setting can be difficult due to many different background noises. The Maxi personal amplifier in the Bellman & Symfon Maxi Amplifier Hospital Kit can help patients overcome the difficulties with hearing loss. The Maxi Amplifier is also great for group activities, occupational therapy and even family visits!

Place the Maxi Amplifier on the table in front of the patent and the patient can control the volume to his or her specific needs.

A complete package
The Maxi Amplifier Kit for hospitals and nursing homes comes complete and ready to use to improve caregiver-to-resident and resident-to-resident communication, increasing your patient's overall wellbeing.

Single Mino Package includes:
- Maxi personal amplifier
- 1 headphone
- 1 travel case
- 2 AA alkaline batteries10 replacement headphone covers

4-pack Mino Package includes:
- 4 Maxi personal amplifiers
- 4 headphones
- 4 travel cases
- 8 AA alkaline batteries
- 40 replacement headphone covers

Additional Accessories:
- Cable Kit
- Stereo Earphones
- Stereo Headphones
- High Powered Neckloop
- Standard Neckloop
- Stethoclips

Product Code:
HC-BAMAXI/HOSPKIT -  Single Mino Kit