Listen 72MHz Personal FM System


Listen 72MHz Personal FM System


The Listen Personal FM System is a good single-user solution for classrooms, worship services or other challenging listening situations. The lightweight transmitter with microphone can be worn or set up on a podium. The receiver can be used from up to 150 feet away from the transmitter, providing clear, amplified sound to the listener.

This system features a unique LCD display to verify channel selection and a 3-stage battery indicator on both the receiver and transmitter. Receiver will scan all 57 FM channels to see if it can pick up an existing FM assistive listening transmission, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to use their own receiver with public FM systems. Can be used with a headset or neckloop.

Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

System Includes:
- Portable FM body-pack transmitter
- Lavalier microphone
- Personal receiver
- Ear speaker single earphone
- Soft case to transport entire system

Product Code: LT-PVPKIT

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