EarTech TV Audio Digimax RF TV Listening System with Stethoset Receiver


EarTech TV Audio Digimax RF TV Listening System with Stethoset Receiver

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The EarTech Digimax RF TV system has one of the best Signal-to-Noise (SNR) ratios on the market, so you can hear crisp, compact disc quality TV sound. Since sound is sent as digital packets, sound quality remains strong up to 145 feet, even through walls. Just plug the Digimax transmitter into the power outlet, connect it to the TV's audio out jack, remove the fully charged receiver from the transmitter base and adjust the TV volume to your preferences.The Digimax TV listening system can also be used with headphones, earphones, or induction couplers via a 3.5mm jack on the neckloop.

The stethoset-style receiver included with the Digimax TV system has pivoting earpieces for a comfortable fit even when you change positions.

The neckloop-styel of the Digimax can be used with the included neckloop receiver and t-coil equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants.

- Customizable volume and tone control
- Wireless transmission of sound even through walls
- Expandable up to four stethoset or neckloop receivers with their own volume, balance and tone controls
- Includes Digimax transmitter, Digimax neckloop receiver, connection cables, adapters
- Up to 6 hours of use with the rechargeable battery

Product Code:
HC-ET/DIGIMAX - Stethoset Receiver
HC-ET/DIGIMAX-NKL - Neckloop Receiver