Array AG300 3-Channel FM Kit


Array AG300 3-Channel FM Kit

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This system has 3 user-selectable UHF (Ultra High Frequency) frequencies available. This means that with three transmitters, each on a different frequency (channel), you can transmit three different programs, speakers or languages simultaneously.

Twenty five year warranty. Ninety day warranty on accessories.

- Includes one receiver, one transmitter, one dual earphone, one microphone with clip
- Receiver and transmitter uses 2 AA batteries each (not included)
- 3 operating frequencies: 806.9MHz, 808.0MHz, 809.7MHz
- Approximate range: 165 feet
- 3.5mm microphone jack on transmitter
- 3.5mm headphone jack on receiver
- Volume control on receiver

Product Code: HC-AG300KIT