TR75VR Elite Deluxe Phone/Videophone Transmitter


TR75VR Elite Deluxe Phone/Videophone Transmitter

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The Sonic Ring Elite TR75VR signaler is a transmitter that alerts you to incoming calls on your telephone, TTY or videophone.

Setting up the TR75VR is easy. Just plug the TR75VR signaler's power cord into the wall electrical outlet and telephone cord into the videophone or telephone. Then plug the lamp into the TR75VR.

WI TEPP approved: HOH, SHOH, D, DLV

Five year warranty

- Transmits to all Sonic Alert remote receivers
- Three distinct flash patterns
- Plug a lamp into the signaler and use it for signaling or normal room lighting
- Green indicator light reminds you to turn on the attached lamp
- Unique pluglet (plug-outlet) allows you to keep your table clear of unsightly lamp cords
- Works with VP200 and ZBox
UL listed

Product Code: SA-TR75VR