Silent Call Sinature Series Vibra-Call 3 Receiver


Silent Call Sinature Series Vibra-Call 3 Receiver

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The Signature Series™ Vibra-Call 3 Receiver works with Signature Series transmitters to alert you with 6 distinctive vibrating alerts and push buttons that will turn off the signaling when the correct button is pressed. It includes a carry case that can be clipped to your belt, so you can always keep it close.

Silent Call Signature Series transmitter required to be notified.

Five year warranty

- Range up to 500 ft
- Different vibration patterns depending on signal
- Bed shaker jack (sold separately)
- Monitors up to three fire alarms or smoke detectors programmed to the unit and alerts you if they are missing or not functioning properly
- Includes: Vibra-Call™ 3 receiver with batteries, Dock/charging port, Carry case

Additional Accessories: Bed Shaker

Product Code: SC-SS/VC3COMM