Silent Call Sidekick II Receiver


Silent Call Sidekick II Receiver

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The Sidekick II Receiver is designed to work with any Silent Call Original Series transmitter. The different LEDs and icons alert you to the different activities around your home (Telephone/VP, Doorbell, Fire Alarm, Sound Transmitter)

Silent Call Original Series Transmitter required to be notified

WI TEPP approved: SHOH, D, DLV

Five year warranty

- Distinctive LEDs and digital icon for each alert type
- Range up to 500 feet
- Built-in alarm clock
- Plug-in for phone notification (connectors included)
- Jack for optional bed shaker
- Built-in 110 candela strobe
- AC powered; battery backup capability (battery backup not included)
- Works with VP200 and ZBox

Additional Accessory: Silient Call Bed Shaker

Product Code: SC-SK2REC