Sonic Alert Deluxe Doorbell and Phone Transmitter


Sonic Alert Deluxe Doorbell and Phone Transmitter

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The DB200 combination model features a built-in telephone signaler and outlet for connecting a lamp. Just plug the telephone cord into a modular telephone jack (does not draw from phone line power). Signals all Sonic Alert remote receivers (see Related Products box).

Sonic Alert receiver(s) required to be notified

WI TEPP approved: SHOH, D, DLV

Five year warranty.

- Selectable number of flashes
- Flash code for front and rear doors
- Works with most home intercom systems with a separate additional doorbell button sensor (sold separately)
- Built-in chime (can be turned off)
- Works with VP200 and ZBox
- Doorbell uses a 12V battery (included)

Product Code: SA-DB200