LRS Alphanumeric Pager for LRS Paging System


LRS Alphanumeric Pager for LRS Paging System

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The LRS On-Premise Paging System features the LRS TX-7460PLUS Transmitter with USB keyboard (HC-TX7460PLUS) and LRS RX-E467 Alphanumeric Pager (HC-RXE467). This paging system allows you to keep the work environment quiet by eliminating the use of PA systems or allows you to page someone who may be hard of hearing or deaf and unable to hear the PA system clearly. With this system custom messages can be sent to the RXE467 pagers at any time with the USB keyboard or send out automatic messages at predesignated times. With no monthly fees, this solution can save your organization money and is a great feature for employees!

LRS RX-E467 Alphanumeric Pager Features:
- Pager alert modes: vibration, tone or both
- Add up to 9,999 pagers with each TX-7460 system
- Adjustable vibration strength4-line alphanumeric display
- 250-character scrolling message
- One mile range
- Out of range indicator
- Pager dimensions 2-1/2" W x 1-3/4" H x 3/4" D
- Includes pager, belt clip, one AAA battery

Product Code: HC-RXE467