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We have a great team of professionals dedicated to your hearing healthcare.

Meet with one of our doctors of audiology to get your hearing tested and find a device best suited for your needs. Our technology counselors can demonstrate all the devices available to improve your hearing and communication.

Nathan D. Berg aud., CCC-A

When I was a small boy, I survived a life-threatening infection of bacterial meningitis which resulted in a complete loss of hearing in my right ear and a high frequency hearing loss in my left ear. This was the impetus that led me to pursue a career in audiology: to help others with hearing impairments.

I earned an associate degree in liberal arts from Milwaukee Area Technical College, a Bachelor of Science degree in communication sciences and disorders from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and, finally, a doctor of audiology degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

My areas of clinical expertise are hearing evaluations and fittings, cochlear implant programming, osseointegrated prosthesis (BAHA), tinnitus evaluation and management, aural rehabilitation, diagnostic audiology (hearing and vestibular testing, electrophysiology, such as, ABR, EcochG, VEMP, DPOAE, and TEOAE), and hearing conservation.  I work with the major hearing aid companies and help patients choose which companies products works best for them.

I have worked as an audiologist with Steven Millen, M.D., and Linda Barbian, Au.D., for many years at Milwaukee Otologic and later Aurora Otology/Neurotology, and, finally, Aurora Head & Neck Surgeons.  What drew me to work with Hear Wisconsin was my colleagues and I frequently worked with Hear Wisconsin (previously Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) while at Milwaukee Otologic, as well as the knowing the services they provide for patients who are deaf and hearing impaired for which I am passionate to help as well.

I have a lust for life and enjoy drawing, painting, writing, reading, working-out, fixing stuff, gardening, traveling, hunting, and most of all spending time with loved ones, especially my wife, Margarita, and 3, soon to be 4, children.

Laurie Flores

Laurie Flores is the Department Manager at HEAR Wisconsin and also leads outreach efforts for our hearing healthcare center. Besides the day-to-day operations of the retail space, Laurie provides training to individuals with hearing loss and assists them with their communication needs.

Laurie has extensive customer service experience – at grocery stores, managing an internet and travel agency help desk, and during her time at HEAR Wisconsin. Outreach gives her the opportunity to represent HEAR Wisconsin’s mission at many resource and health fairs, conventions, senior living facilities, or wherever there is a need for hearing and communication services . We know not everyone can come into our store and that is why we will come to you, providing the same type of service you would receive if you visited our location in West Allis.


Kelly Rehbeck is the Showroom Manager at HEAR Wisconsin. She uses the expertise gained from her own hearing loss, plus 25 years of experience working in the Deaf/Hard of Hearing field, to provide technology assessments and training to individuals with hearing loss and other communication issues. Kelly also provides training sessions on assistive technology to professionals across the state who work with individuals with hearing loss, and is in charge of HEAR Wisconsin’s worksite assessment program This program helps Deaf/Hard of Hearing workers and their employers identify the technology and communication strategies necessary to succeed.

Brianna Agee

Brianna is the audiology assistant and communication consultant at HEAR Wisconsin. She helps with general inquiries, scheduling your audiology appointments, and finding the right solutions for your hearing and communication needs. Prior to joining HEAR Wisconsin in 2013, Brianna spent five years at Bloomsburg University studying American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf Culture. During her time at Bloomsburg University she was the president of IMAGE – a sign language performance group – for two years, member of the Interpreting club, and an office assistant in the ASL/English Interpreting office.