2016 Supporters

our generous donors make it possible for us to increase our capacity and to sustain the quality of our services. Together, we are changing lives.

AbbVie Inc. Employee Engagement Fund
Sam and Laura Acra
Amazon - Smile Foundation Donation
Greg and Jennifer Anderson
David Anderson and Laura Petrie Anderson
Greg and Ann Armbruster
Barbara Armstrong
Mike Arun
Aubrey Electric, Inc
Carl and Mary Backus
Franz Backus
Anthony and Lizabeth Baish
Matthew Bane
Barbara Barrow
James D. and Jane Bell
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Adam and Letitia Berghammer
Diane Bergschneider
Steve and Pam Bergum
Big Bend / Vernon Lions Club
Peter and Joan Blum
Tammy Bokern
Brookfield Academy
Michael and Cheryl Brooks
George and Kay Brotz
Talonda Brown
David and Diane Buck
Shannon Burns
Cambridge Area Lions Club
Chickens 4 Charity
Dave Collins
Timothy S. and Laura E. Collins
Michael and Mary Comerford
Community Health Charities
Frank Costello
Beth Crivello-Wagner
Hon. Pat Curley/Steven Jacobs
Sandy Davis
Mary Ann Dawson
Richard and Jane Dean
Rodney Dekruif
Delafield-Summit Lions Club
Delavan Lions Club
Jennifer and Paul Deslongchamps
Steve and Margaret Desmond
Erwin and Jane Dohmen
John and Susan Dragisic
Steve and Elizabeth Duback
Howard and Eileen Dubner
Darin and Michelle Edler
Elkhorn Lions Club
Margie Engevold
Mary Esades
Exxon Mobil Foundation
Michael Fischer
Bob and Cyndi Fletcher
Robert and Linda Frisch
GE United Way
Gael Gabarino
Gerald and Tiffany Gambatese
Calvin Gander
Janet Ganong
George and Anna Clair Gaspar
Travis and Susan Gee
Genoa City Lions Club
Miles and Rebecca Grasso
Greater Kenosha Lions Club
James and Margaret Greiner
Jonathan Groth
Gillian and Aaron Hans
C. Cottril Harrison, Jr.
Thomas and Mary Hayes
John and Sara Hein
Ed and Doris Heiser
David and Darlene Hempel
Henry H. and Marion (Polly) S. Uihlein Foundation, Inc.
Herbert H. Kohl Charities
Hiawatha National Bank
Dianna Higgins
Dorothy Hintz
Peter and Sue Hitler
Andrew Holman
Dave and Stephanie Honan
Horicon Bank
William and Susan Hunter
Jean Ignatiev
Roger and Linda Ilsley
Richard Ippolito
Dennis Jaccard
Matthew and Susan Jeide
Eileen and Howard Dubner Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
John C. and Katherine B. Miller Charitable Fund of Lakeshore Community Foundation
Brian Johnson
Tracy Johnson
Charles and Mary Kamps
Kimberly Kane
Tim Kant
David and Donna Karp
Kenosha Noon Lions Club - Deaf Branch
Robert and Maryglen Kieckhefer
Ralph Kling
Martin and Gail Komisar
Scott and Megan Krizek
Kent Lawton
James and Sandi Lewenauer
Elliot Lubar
Dave Ludin
Randy and Nancy Ludin
Curt and Sarah Ludwick

Teri Luebbering and Ron Jaeger
MGIC Investment Corporation
Keegan Mager
Sarah Maio
Robert Mandel and Claire Michelstetter
Mary Joan Stuessi Rev. Trust DTD
Brittani Mattke
Mark and Mary-Jane Maurice
Patrick McCarville
Medical College of Wisconsin
James and Jeanene Meisser
Bob Meisser and Diane Holmstrom-Meisser
Mercy Health System
Robert Metzinger
Elizabeth Meyer and Sam Hope
Mile High United Way
Chris and Noelle Mooney
J. Terrence and Sue Murray
Muskego Lions Club
Gregory Strick and Armona Nadler-Strick
Debby and Joe Nero
New Berlin Lions Club, Inc.
Don Nimmer
Rick and Carolyn Nowacki
Kathy Nusslock
Oak Creek Lions Club
Oberkotter Foundation
Jerry and Kathryn Osen
Paul and Deb Ostrenga
PNC Bank
Nick and Laurie Panella
Samantha Panella
Sachin Pawar
Sandy Pelzek
Miles Phalen
James Karakosta
Pieper Properties, Inc.
Bruce and Candy Pindyck
Frank and Angela Pintar
Ann Rutledge Powers
Howard and Linda Pryor
Glenn and Betty Ragalie
Amy Randall
Ray and Kay Eckstein Charitable Trust
James Reiher
Richard and Wanda Riesch
Steven Rinzel
Ritz Holman CPAs
Robert W. Baird and Co., Inc.
Carol J Roddy
Diane Rolfs
Harold Rosen
Rotary Club of Milwaukee-North Shore
Christina Runge
Valarie Rykowski
Kathleen Schaut
Sheila Schirz
Robert and Cato Schley
Riane Schneider
Will and Kate Schoyer
Perry Schroeder
Ralph J. Schroeder
William and Caroline Schulhof
Christopher and Lori Schultz
Jon and Judy Schumacher
Robert D. and Judith G. Scott
Selzer Ornst Company
Steven Shiley
Shorewest Realtors
Connie Simmons
Marlene Smith
Thomas and Susan Smith
Hilary Snow and Daniel Paskowitz
Paul G. Sotirin
Thomas and Nancy Stanton
Mary Stearns
Terry Stebor
Robert and Alice Streicher
Veronica Studelska
Richard and Suzanne Pieper
Taylor Family Foundation
The Kieckhefer Group
Robert and Ann Thomas
Martin and Janet Tierney
Linda Tovar
Timothy Truel and Rebecca Schwartz
Kim Turner
Brian and Sue Tyndall
US Bank Corporation
US Bank Foundation
United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha
Robert and Ellen Venable
Robert and Louise VerWert
Dr. Greg and Carla Von Roenn
Judy Wagner
Waterford Lionesss Club
Lisa Weed
Richard and Barb Weiss
West Milwaukee Lions Club
William Stark Jones Foundation
Marcia Williams
Angela and Ross Williams
D. Maclean and Midge Willson
Wind Lake Lions Club
Robert and Christine Woloszyk
Dr. John and Amy Yadgir
Narayan and Malini Yoganandan
Merrill and Mary York
YourCause - Corporate Giving Program
Alex and Susan Zacharias
Greg Zamzow and Jamie Grasso
Dominick and Mary Pat Zarcone