Doro HearPlus 333cl


Doro HearPlus 333cl

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The Doro HearPlus 333cl alarm clock with bed shaker also has a loud audible alarm and flashing LED lights. The large time set dial and alarm indicator make it extremely easy to set and check alarm time and on/off status. Plug your phone into the Doro HearPlus 333cl alarm clock to use it as a ring amplifier.

- Clear, easy-to-read backlit face
- Large alarm on/off switch with digital alarm time display
- Extra loud 100dB ascending wake-up alarm
- Adjustable alert tone
- Flashing LED lights
- Large dial for setting alarm time
- Vibrating pillow shaker
- Radio controlled automatic time adjustment, including daylight savings time (depending on radio signal coverage)
- Phone ringer amplifier
- Battery back-up for clock memory only (does not include 4 AA batteries)

Product Code: DORO-333CL