Sonic Boom Alarm Clock (SA-SB1000)


Sonic Boom Alarm Clock (SA-SB1000)


The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock can be used just as an alarm clock, or as a telphone or doorbell receiver when used with a Sonic Alert signaler. Wake up with adjustable sound or light, when used with a table lamp. Also features battery back-up (battery not included) and snooze button).


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WI TEPP approved: HOH, SHOH, D

Five year warranty

- Adjustable LED display
- Adjustable alarm up to 98dB
- Adjustable volume and tone controls
- Choose any or all of the lamp, vibrator or buzzer signals (bed shaker not included)
- ON/OFF switch to use a lamp as a reading light
- Built-in remote receiver works with any Sonic Alert transmitter