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It’s no secret that lives are changed forever at HEAR Wisconsin. donate now and become part of our 2018 annual appeal. Giving is not about making a donation, it’s about making a difference.

Home visits, group therapy lessons, sign language interpreting appointments, work/home assistive technology consultations, summer camp, client outings – these valuable (at times, life-changing) memories define us and are an important part of HEAR Wisconsin’s legacy – 92 years of community service!

Compassionate, caring people like you make this possible.

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One Small Voice:
Device Amplifies Family Connection

Children often have a lot to say. According to child development experts, a typical six-year-old has the capacity to learn about 20 new words each day. But what if they struggle to get the words out?

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Going the Distance:
Computer Brings Learning Home

Megan and Eric Slane and their three sons, Chad, Graham and Evan, live 160 miles from Milwaukee. When Evan was born deaf, an audiologist told them about the teleintervention therapy through HEAR Wisconsin’s ConnectHEAR Program.

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Becoming the Tornado:
Part of the Job for American Sign Language Interpreters

Deaf and hard of hearing children rely on professional American Sign Language interpreters to accurately depict highly charged scenes during theater performances.

Your support is instrumental in helping babies, toddlers, children and adults who are deaf or hard of hearing receive the support and services they need to ease communication challenges, move forward and live full, successful lives.

Whether it is hearing tests, speech therapy, American Sign Language classes/services, assistive technology equipment or support for adults with hearing loss and intellectual disabilities – the results, when we work together, are amazing!