an audiology clinic and assistive device store focused on PROVIDING SOLUTIONS TAILORED FOR YOUR UNIQUE hearing and communication NEEDS. 


Hearing evaluation

Come in for a quick and affordable hearing evaluation conducted by our doctors of audiology. 

Hearing Aids

Today’s high-tech hearing
aids are discreet and very effective, with many options to fit your lifestyle. 


Not ready for a hearing aid? Meet with our technology counselors to find other options to improve your hearing and communication. 


Welcome to HEAR Wisconsin

For 90 years we have provided quality, affordable services to the hard of hearing community in Wisconsin. Our audiology clinic brings the same dedication to your hearing healthcare. Unlike other providers, our doctors of audiology can fit you with a device from any manufacturer, instead of relying on one brand that may not fit your needs. Your purchases also support critical programs for deaf and hard of hearing families. If you aren't ready for a hearing aid, visit with our audiologists and technology counselors who can find another solution to improve your hearing and communication. 

HEAR Wisconsin is a hearing healthcare center focused on your access to hearing and communication. Our doctors of audiology and technology counselors partner with you to diagnose any hearing loss you may have and determine the best options available to you. Once you find the best hearing aid, personal sound amplification device, or other product our staff can show you how to use it effectively and provide ongoing technical support. 

We are a full service audiology clinic, so you can visit us and get your hearing tested, get fitted for a hearing aid, and have that hearing aid serviced in our clinic. We also offer a wide variety of other devices that can be used independently of or in conjunction with a hearing aid. 

Have more questions? Come in for a visit or send us an email. Hope to see you soon! 


HEAR Wisconsin accepts most major forms of insurance, but please call to check coverage.